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Alternative Transportation

Choose strategies that work for you.

  • Walk
  • Bicycle
  • Aggie Shuttle
  • Cache Valley Transit
  • Carpool

 Join the Aggie Commuter Club!

Aggie Commuter Club

The purpose of the Aggie Commuter Club is to encourage and incentivize low-carbon transportation and create a community for faculty, staff, and students who are interested in a more sustainable commute. In order to join the Aggie Commuter Club, individuals must commit to commuting by walking, cycling, carpooling, bussing, or using other low carbon non-single occupancy vehicle. The program incentivizes sustainable travel, such as an emergency ride home program, free daily parking passes, and monthly prize drawings.

Why Should I Join?

  • Save money to use for something more fun than parking
  • Get the health benefits of daily exercise
  • Clear the air
  • No need to compete for parking
  • Cars lasts longer
  • Earn benefits by choosing alternative transportation!

The Commuter Club helps overcome the two main reasons people choose single occupancy vehicles: lack of information on how to do it and lack of convenience. Through the program faculty, staff, and students may access Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs in one place to make it easy to find the best options for them; learn strategies from other participants, and share commute strategies with others.

Who can Join?

  1. USU employees who
    • Work at least 30 hours a week, primarily on the USU Logan campus.
    • Do not live on or within 1/2 mile of the USU Logan campus.
    • Agree to the terms of the Commuter Club.
  2. USU students who
    • Are taking at least 9 credits as an undergraduate or 6 credits as a graduate, primarily on the USU Logan campus.
    • Do not live on or within 1/2 mile of the USU Logan campus.
    • Agree to the terms of the Commuter Club.

What Benefits Would be Provided?

In order to remove as many barriers as possible for people to join, the following benefits are available to members of the Aggie Commuter Club. Choose one of two levels of participation.


Commit to alternative transportation options three days per work week.


Commit to alternative transportation everyday & forego a USU parking pass

Aggie Blue Bikes program

Free bicycle rentals and repair facilities

 Regular Blue Bike Access Academic year Commuter Club check-outs (limited supply)
Enterprise Carshare Credit
  • Free membership
  • $10 credits per year
  • Free membership
  • $20 credits per year
Free HPER locker  Available to cyclists  Available to cyclists

Carpool Pricing/ Allocation

  • Half-price discounted carpool parking passes
  • Convenient parking spaces in designated parking lots.


Five free parking permits per year (yellow & residential permits excluded). This is currently available to employees only.

Emergency Ride Home

Each member may receive one emergency ride home per semester in the case of an unforeseen event.


Zimride is a fun, easy way to share seats in your car or catch a ride. Travel with USU friends, classmates, and coworkers.

Cache Valley Transit District

Aggie Shuttle

  • Fare-free service
  • Bike racks on bus

Park and Ride

Free transit center parking or low cost stadium parking offsite with shuttle and CVTD to main campus.

Commuter Club member gear giveaways