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RecycleMania is a friendly competition among universities in North America and Canada. For eight weeks February-March, schools compete to reduce waste, increase recycling and raise awareness of conservation issues across campus. You can help.

Pay attention to signage indicating which items go to the USU Recycling Center, which items go to USU's composter, and which items are just trash. When in doubt, throw it out. A little contamination can prevent everything from being recycled or composted.


USU has recycling bins in every building. Items accepted for recycling in this competition:
  - Mixed and White Paper
  - Cardboard
  - Aluminum Cans
  - Steel cans
  - Glass
  - Plastics #1-7


USU composts out of Dining Service's kitchens. Individuals may drop off compost in the BNR courtyard.
  - Fruit
  - Vegetables
  - Grains
  - Egg shells (no whole eggs)
  - Coffee grounds
  - Paper napkins

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