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Waste & Recycling Work Group

Mission: Identify best practices and opportunities to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials produced or used by the USU community and to raise awareness among the campus community of the environmental and social benefits of using resources wisely

Recycling has always been one of the fundamental ways to promote a sustainable environment. It saves energy, water, and landfill space. It also prevents greenhouse gases, especially methane from landfills. USU is committed to recycling to reduce our carbon footprint.

Waste & Recycle Work Group

Chair Alexi Lamm Sustainability Coordinator
Amanda Bevington Residence Director, LLC
R. Ryan Dupont Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mike George Assistant Director of Support Services
Jack Greene Community Activist
Eric Jorgensen

Assistant Director, Environmental Health and Safety Office of Research and Graduate Studies Utah State University

Emily Malik City of Logan Conservation Coordinator
Bryant Oxborrow Dining representative
Nate Schwartz Recycling Coordinator