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Air Quality Work Group

Mission: Explore ways to improve air quality in Cache Valley and reduce overall emissions from Utah State University.

This work group includes faculty, staff, students, and community members. USU's sustainability programs support improve air quality in Cache Valley and throughout the state. Some efforts USU has taken to improve air quality include:
  • Adopting an idle free policy 525.4 in 2012.
  • Introducing a carbon offset fund available for voluntary contribution from people qualifying for travel reimbursements from the university. The fund has supported an electronic fuel injection mower, Clear the Air Carbon Offset Grants, and Zimride rideshare service.
  • Collaborating with Weber State and Utah Clean Energy to promote electric vehicle use through the Drive Electric Northern Utah program. In anticipation of increased demand for EV support infrastructure in northern Utah, USU is adding new charging stations as opportunities arise.
  • Applying for and receiving grants from UCAIR for two electric vehicles, an electric vehicle charging station, and a bike share program in collaboration with the City of Logan.
Meg McCarthy Aggie Blue Bike Coordinator
Alden Erickson Aggie Shuttle Supervisor
Randy Martin Professor of Engineering
Lorien Belton Community-Based Conservation Program Coor.
Mike Dixon Asst. Professor of Management
Jack Greene Community member
Jordy Guth Architect and Planner
Alexi Lamm Sustainability Coordinator
Paul Rogers Director, Western Aspen Alliance
Patrick Singleton CEE FAculty