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Greenhouse Gas Steering Committee

USU became a signatory to the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment in 2007, setting the goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. By 2017, Utah State's greenhouse gas emissions had fallen by about 20% per full time equivalent student and 30% per square foot. The university is growing, however, so overall emissions still hovered around 100,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2e).

Following the most recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 25 USU faculty drafted a resolution to accelerate the university’s efforts to become carbon neutral, which the faculty senate passed on February 4, 2019. The USU Student Association also passed a resolution calling for the declaration on a climate crisis on February 12, 2019. President Cockett formed a steering committee and three sub-committees to provide formal recommendations and cost estimates. This group will collaborate with the university's existing Sustainability Council and report to the faculty senate in January 2020.

Steering Committee

  • Chris Luecke, co-chair Dean QCNR
  • Alexi Lamm, co-chair Sustainability Coordinator
  • Patrick Belmont, President Faculty Senate
  • Charles Darnell, Associate VP of Facilities
  • Jordy Guth, Assistant Director of Planning
  • President USUSA

Air Travel, Transportation, and Carbon Pricing

This group will address greenhouse gases produced by university-related travel, especially air travel. Additionally, the group will develop a mechanism to account for the cost of the university's greenhouse gas emissions by March 2020.

  • Alexi Lamm, Sustainability Coordinator
  • Michelle Bair, Travel Manager
  • Jennifer Givens, Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Steve Jenson, Executive Director of Auxiliary Services
  • Man-Keun Kim, Associate Professor of Applied Economics

Education on Best Practices

This group will develop strategies to educate the university community on the scope and urgency of climate change and to enable students with the perspective and skillsets needed to mitigate climate change. Furthermore, the group will provide recommendations on ways faculty and staff can reduce emissions in their classes, research program, service, extension, and outreach activities.

  • Chris Lueke, Dean QCNR
  • Rob Davies, Associate Professor of Professional Practice in Physics
  • Carlos Licon, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture
  • Brhianna Malcolm, Community Engaged Learning Coordinator
  • Jennifer Reeve, Associate Professor of Plant, Soils & Climate

Energy Portfolio

This group will evaluate USU's energy portfolio, looking for opportunities to increase efficiency measures and renewable energy sources. The committee will assess and pursue goals set forth by the faculty senate to 1) convert all USU campuses to LED by 2021, 2) eliminate coal from the energy portfolio by 2022, and 3) increase the percentage of electricity from renewable sources to at least 50% by 2024.

  • Patrick Belmont, President Faculty Senate
  • Zac Cook, Energy Manager
  • Charles Darnell, Associate VP of Facilities
  • Mark Holt, Electrical Engineer
  • Sarah Klain, Assistant Professor of Environment & Society