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What's New in Sustainability

COLUMN: Sustainability is something to embrace, not avoid

The Sustainability Office on campus works to illuminate the little things you, even as a poor college student, can do to minimize your footprint. This week, Service Week and Earth Week are being held in tandem. Take some time to educate yourself about the many facets of sustainability, from growing your own vegetable garden to growing a strong community. Jump into the water. Don’t run away because of the stigma someone else placed on it.

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USU falls short in RecycleMania contest

USU did not do as well in the 2014 RecycleMania tournament against colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada as it did last year. USU students and faculty recycled 41,372 pounds of paper, 40,146 pounds of cardboard and 19,471 pounds of containers during the tournament.

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Aggie Blue Bikes hires coordinator

Aggie Blue Bikes created a new position this semester to serve the USU biking community. Wayne Elder, a member of the League of American Bicyclists, was hired as the first bicycle education coordinator.

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Save a Watt-Save a Lot!

Did you know that USU has retrofitted 3.5 million square feet of space with new efficient fluorescent lighting, reducing the power bill by 30%!

USU Recycling

USU recycles about 25% of its waste stream each year, including paper, cardboard, plastics 1-7, glass, metal, rigid Styrofoam, batteries, and more. Learn more about USU Recycling Center!

Irrigation at USU

The grounds at USU are watered with canal water rather than treated culinary water. It saves the energy used to purify the water for people.

Aggie Shuttle Buses

Aggie shuttle buses are paid for by student fees and burn natural gas rather than diesel fuel.  Catch the shuttle today!

Aggie Blue Bikes

Question:What organization has over 280 two-wheelers on campus? Answer: Aggie Blue Bikes provides free, healthy transportation. Check ‘em out & use them

USU Co-Gen

USU’s Central Energy Plant heats 1/2 of the campus by re-capturing heat as a by-product of electricity production. Help save energy by turning off your unplugging your electronic when they aren't in use.

USU Central Heating

USU central heating system burns natural gas and has reduced air pollutants in Cache Valley by over 230 tons annually.

Local food

Eighteen percent of USU Dining Services food purchases were grown, processed, or both.

USU Electricity

USU generates electricity using water and natural gas, thereby reducing the amount of coal produced power needed to power campus.

Rain Bird

It’s USU’s computerized watering system. Rain Bird Maxicom gathers real time weather station data to drastically conserve our water yet keep our campus green. Water on wise bird!

Bottled Water

Aggies . . .The bottled water industry uses 1.5 million tons of plastic every year. If only 15% of U.S. college students used reusable mugs or bottles instead of disposable every day, we’d eliminate over a billion containers each year.