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Meet the Interns 


Brhianna Malcom Engagement Coordinator


Paige Morgan
Sustainable Waste Intern


Peter Harrison
Grant Outreach Intern

zackZackary Webb
Energy Intern

Kate Stephens
Program Director

Engagement Coordinator: Brhianna Malcolm

Brhianna Malcolm is currently a full-time intern with the Student Sustainability Office.  She started in January 2017 and has a B.S in Environmental Science and Minor in Biology from University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  
After 3 years of working hands on in the Conservation field, Brhianna made the shift into sustainability. Her work with the S.S.O includes managing the USU Farmers Market, organizing the Food Recovery Network, and facilitating the new Aggie Sustainability Club. 
She also has a really cute dog named Clover.  

 Sustainable Waste Intern: Paige Morgan

I am a double major in Marketing and Environmental Studies. I'm hoping to become a recycling version of Ed Stafford with these two majors haha. I love sustainability because it is the only way to thank Mother Nature for letting me be a part of this world. It was hard in Southern California, where I'm from, to appreciate her beauty since I felt like I was in a sardine can with the amount of people, but Utah is a whole neither story. Living here the past year and a half has sparked a new spiritual depth passion for sustainability. I still have a lot of work to do in the sustainability switch, and if you're reading this, I hope you keep working hard with me too!   

Grant Outreach Intern: Peter Harrison

(Currently a senior in the interior design program at Utah State University, Peter Harrison is both passionate about sustainability and the belief that design should be a force for social good. He is involved in many different social and political organizations at Utah State including the International Interior Design Association and the American Society of Interior Designers. He also serves as the president for the USU Student Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council where he advocates for increased awareness about LEED and other sustainable building design practices. Upon graduation he plans to relocate to the mecca of sustainable design work, Portland, Oregon to work at a firm that heavily focuses on non-profit and social justice projects. 

Energy Intern: Zackary Webb

Zackary Webb has attended Utah State University since January of 2016. He has many interests, but one interest has prestige over the rest. His main interest is the clean, renewable, & sustainable energy industry. He is amazed and appreciative of the sun’s ability to provide energy for human beings worldwide.
Zackary’s hobbies include, but are not limited to: having conversations with strangers, watching mind-blowing documentaries, and eating good food. 

Program Director: Kate Stephens

Contact info:

Kate is the Coordinator of the USU Student Sustainability Office and Assistant Director of the Center for Civic Engagement, has been a part of the national service movement for over 20 years. Prior to her current position, Kate served as the Program Director for Utah Conservation Corps (UCC) for 12 years. She is the founder of Common Ground Outdoor Adventures, a non-profit adaptive outdoor recreation program. Kate also served as a VISTA Leader in Logan, a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador and an environmental educator at Teton Science School. In an effort to develop a more diverse and inclusive Conservation Corps, Kate started the UCC’s Access to Service inclusion project and Bilingual Youth Corps. Kate has received local, regional and national recognition for her work to include underrepresented populations in national service. Kate has a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology and M.A. in Environmental Education.