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Make A Difference

Students working on a farm

Get Involved on Campus

There are endless ways to get involved on campus. Acquaint yourself with the Student Sustainability Office and we'll help you find your passion within sustainability.

Be a Part of the Student Sustainability Corps

The Student Sustainability Corps is a group of individuals, clubs, and university organizations that seek to make campus a better place. You can be a part of this, too. Apply for an internship, sign-up for Aggie Sustainability Club, or volunteer with us!

Write a Grant

With the guidance of the Student Sustainability Office, students are able to make their dreams a reality by writing grants. Are you a student and see something worth changing for the better on campus? Write a Sustainability Grant and you could see your own projects implemented on campus before you even graduate!

Lower Your Impact

Aggie Commuter Club

Want to decrease your carbon footprint? Sign up for the Aggie Commuter Club and get rewarded for choosing alternative transportation.


Take advantage of Zimride, a fast and easy way to get a carpooling or commuting buddy at USU.

Composting and Recycling

Starting a compost bin take a bit of work, especially if you're in college. Luckily, A Sustainability Grant project allows you to drop off your compostable items on campus. It's on the southeast corner of the BNR in a bright yellow bin. You can't miss it!
Recycling is also a way to give back to the environment. Check out our recycling bins that tell you what is and isn't allowable at our on-campus recycling center.