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Farmer's MarketThe USU Farmers Market

This fall, Utah State University will be bring back the Student Farmer's Market!  Farmer’s markets epitomize sustainability by bringing community members together to purchase locally grown, healthier food, crafts and other products. The purpose of the Market is obtain these benefits for USU students in a way that is also beneficial to the community. USU's agricultural atmosphere provides the perfect setting for an on-campus market.

The USU Farmer's Market was initiated by the Blue Goes Green grant program. The market will feature live local musicians in addition to local businesses and student organizations. One of the primary benefits to USU's 28,000+ students will be the 'double your bucks' program, allowing students to double their money in dollar increments up to $5, receiving two $1 tokens for each dollar exchanged. Tokens will be purchased at the entrance booth. The tokens may only be used in the market towards produce and select food (not prepared food) purchases.

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 market will be run differently. Only essential food items will be sold. Customers must maintain 6 feet (minimum) between people, flow will be in one direction, high-touch surfaces will be regularly disinfected, and vendors and customers will be required to wear masks.

The USU farmer's Market will operate Wednesdays on the TSC Fountain Patio from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm on the following dates:

  • Sept. 2
  • Sept. 9
  • Sept. 16
  • Sept. 23
  • Sept. 30
  • Oct. 7
  • Oct. 14



Bringing Agriculture Back to Aggies:
How supporting your market restores our community


Your local farmer retains up to 7x more profit selling locally. Nearly every penny of that stays with the local economy. This is made possible by cutting down on the money, energy, and resources needed to ship food to you. Our state and country celebrate the cultural heritage associated with traditional small-scale farming practices and now you have a chance to celebrate too with our campus market.


Reducing distance food travels cuts down on fossil fuel consumption, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. This means buying locally produced food directly impacts the number of red air days we experience in Cache Valley. Whether you enjoy our area’s profound beauty, natural resources, or simply the taste of a fresh picked tomato; you win by buying at the campus market


Buying locally allows you to talk to the people who grew the food you are buying, giving you more insight and knowledge about local produce. As a land grant university and premier agriculture college we strive to make connections between students and real world application as streamlined as possible. Make lasting relationships with skilled entrepreneurs at your campus market.