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AggiEcology Report – In 2003, USU began moving to implementing sustainable actions through the AggiEcology report, which presents recommendations for achieving a “green” university.

USU Facilities – Facilities is USU’s leader in implementing sustainable water use and environmental stewardship. Click here to review their sustainable actions.

USU Water Quality Extension – USU Water Quality Extension provides a variety of information and programs that help the public protect the quality of Utah's streams and rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, and groundwater.

Center for Water Efficient Landscaping – The Center for Water Efficient Landscaping (CWEL) provides information and resources to the public, the green industry, and water purveyors regarding water conservation in the landscape.

USU Water Initiative – The USU Water Initiative focuses on building a community where university faculty and students learn and work together in research, education, and extension that involves the many aspects of water as a public resource.

Utah Water Research Laboratory
- The Utah Water Research Laboratory (UWRL) operates within an academic environment and collaborates with government and private sectors to address technical and societal aspects of water-related issues, including quality, quantity, distribution, and conjunctive use.

Bear River Watershed Information System – The Bear River Watershed Information System (WIS) is a website that provides users with a single location to access local data, information, maps, documents, photos, resources, and more.