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Transportation Options

Cache Valley is a beautiful place, surrounded by mountains and endless recreation opportunities.

  • Logan frequently tops lists of safest metropolitan areas in the US.

  • In 2014, ranked Logan as the second best college town.

  • In 2017, League of American Cyclists awarded Logan City and USU silver ratings for being bike friendly.

Luckily, you can enjoy and preserve these opportunities even in your daily commute. For days and sometimes weeks each winter, our lovely mountains contribute to inversions, where a layer of warmer air sits like a lid on our valley, holding in cold air and our vehicular emissions (and associated health issues). Help keep our Valley a healthy place to live. Many fine neighborhoods are within walking distance of USU. With two fare-free bus systems, Zimride rideshare, bike routes, and sidewalks, many families and students find they can save money, stay active, and minimize vehicular emissions through their commute.

Options for your daily commute

 Commuter Club   Aggie Commuter Club
If you use a sustainable transportation option 3+ days per week, you may qualify for Aggie Commuter Club benefits. The Commuter Club encourages and incentivizes low-carbon transportation for faculty, staff, and students.

Carbon Offset Fund

  Carbon Offset Fund

Offset your commute and improve local air quality with the USU carbon offset fund! One-time and monthly options match your commute.


Aggie Shuttle
Hop on the bus for clean natural gas transit on campus, and it’s free. Over 1.2 million rides are provided each year, up to 10,000 rides are provided on red air days!

Logan’s fare free bus service, winner of the 2015 Urban Transit System of the Year Award, is an
easy way to get from campus to locations around Cache Valley. You can also pick from a number of park & ride locations.

  Aggie Blue Bikes
Biking is an excellent way to get to, from, and around town. No bike? No problem! Aggie Blue Bikes here on campus provides FREE daily and 3-month check-outs. Tool boards are available to students, faculty and staff.
Try this USU exclusive, money-saving, air quality-enhancing way to share rides one time or every day, using social networks. Over 5000 USU students and employees have joined.
EV   Drive Electric
Utah State University has level 2 electric vehice charging stations by NR, the Welcome Center, and Aggie Terrace.
  bikeshare   Bike Share
Spin bikeshare launched on the USU campus March 2018. You can rent a bike with your phone for 30 minutes or get a membership.
UTA   Front Runner
Frontrunner connects Salt Lake, Davis and Weber counties with additional connections to UTA’s bus system and park and ride lots.
  UTA   Trax
Three lines serve Salt Lake County's transportation needs.
            Enterprise Carshare has been suspended.

Options for trips

Aggie Shuttle   Aggie Shuttle Charter
If you have a large group traveling, try renting an Aggie Shuttle Charter Bus. Reservations must be arranged at least one week in advance.


  Motorpool Hybrids & Minivans
USU Parking & Transportation offers a variety of rental vehicles to meet your traveling needs. Try requesting a hybrid for your small group or a minivan or mini bus to accomodate a large group.
Salt Lake Shuttle   Salt Lake Airport Shuttle

Private shuttles run routes from Logan to the SLC Airport and up and down the Wasatch Front. Discount codes are available, USU001.


Post your ride as a passender or driver on Zimride to match with someone else going your way. Over 6000 USU students and employees have joined.