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Research In The College Of Engineering

USU College Of Engineering

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David Tarboton: CEE & Water Lab

ptimizin  Water Use Efficiency and Climate Change Impacts on Water Availability and Management - an interdisciplinary effort involving many in the water and climate community around campus with Doug Jackson Smith as Lead.

David Rosenberg: CEE & Water Lab 

Optimizing water management for environmental purposes. . Project summaries are available at:

Mac McKee: CEE & Water Lab

First Dam water sluicing to ensure sustainable water management in the Logan River system

Improved Measurement Techniques for infrastructure Monitoring toward Improving Energy Efficiency

Currently working on a proposal to use a remote aircraft to fly thermal cameras over USU's campus to identify thermal losses in the central heating system

Dr. Randy Martin

Environmental Sustainability - Air Pollution in the Cache Valley             During the winter months, the air in Utah's Cache Valley can experience some of the highest concentrations of fine particulate matter in the nation. Dr. Randy martin has been involved in research into the characterization and behavior of the Valley's particulate problem.