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Recycle Mania

RecycleMania is a friendly competition among universities in North America and Canada. For eight weeks February-March, schools compete to reduce waste, increase recycling and raise awareness of conservation issues across campus. You can help.

Pay attention to signage indicating which items go to the USU Recycling Center, which items go to USU's composter, and which items are just trash. When in doubt, throw it out. A little contamination can prevent everything from being recycled or composted.

Join us for the RecycleMania Scavenger Hunt 2019!

The goal is to save more and waste less. Post entries on Instagram by tagging USU Sustainability and the hashtag #USUdontbetrashy and #zerowaste followed by the number of the task you completed. Be sure your settings allow us to see your entries! Email entries will be accepted from people with no social media accounts. By submitting the entries, you give us permission to post and use your photos. Only current USU students, faculty, or staff are eligible. All submissions are due by March 31 at 11:59 PM MDT. Winners will be announced by April 8.


      • Entries completing the entire list will win a camp spork.
      • The grand prize winner will be chosen at random from people who complete six or more of the scavenger hunt list items below. The grand prize is reusable lunch kit, complete with a bag, napkin, reusable flatware, insulated bottle, and reusable lunch container (retail value: $85).

The Hunt

      1. Choose to use a reusable bag at the store.
      2. Fix or patch something instead of replacing it. (Ask True Blue Reuse for help, or head to Aggie Blue Bikes to patch a tube.)
      3. Thrift instead of buying it new.
      4. Donate something instead of throwing it away. (May we suggest the True Blue Reuse Store?)
      5. Store your bulk products in a reusable container, e.g. Mason, Ball, or Weck jars.
      6. Check out a book from the library instead of buying a new book.
      7. Take a Mug Shot when you reuse a mug. (Dining Services will offer you a discount.)
      8. Get your Aggie Ice Cream in a cone or have any ice cream or froyo in a cone or reusable bowl.
      9. Eat off a real plate, reusable lunch container, or Dining Services reusable to-go container.
      10. Show us a water bottle filling station in action with your reusable container.
      11. Use your cloth napkin, reusable flatware, or reusable straw (in public!).
      12. Drop off fruit or vegetable waste at the compost drop-off location on the southeast side of BNR.
      13. Recycle something!
      14. Pick up a piece of litter. (Earn a bonus item if you post it on Litterati and let us know!)
      15. Make your own cosmetic or cleaning products. (Try looking up baking soda, coconut oil, or vinegar.)
      16. BONUS: Post any of these zero waste actions with a friend. We want to see all the Aggies who care.

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RecycleMania Scavenger Hunt Grand Prize

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USU has recycling bins in every building. Items accepted for recycling in this competition:
  - Mixed and White Paper
  - Cardboard
  - Aluminum Cans
  - Steel cans
  - Glass
  - Plastics #1-7


USU composts out of Dining Service's kitchens. Individuals may drop off compost on the southeast corner of BNR.
  - Fruit
  - Vegetables
  - Grains
  - Egg shells (no whole eggs)
  - Coffee grounds
  - Paper napkins

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