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Campus Programs:

USU Recycling - Annually USU produces approximately 2,500 tons of solid waste!  It is estimated that 65% of that amount is paper, cardboard and other recyclable items such as glass, aluminum, and plastic.  Currently USU is recycling approximately 26% of its solid waste stream.  USU Recycling is committed to removing as many of these items from the waste stream as possible and thereby reducing the environmental impact created by our institution.

Environmental Coalition of Students (ECOS) – ECOS is a USU club promoting involvement, education, and awareness regarding local and national environmental issues, supporting recycling, sustainability, clean air, alternative transportation and buying local.  If you are looking to make a difference in the world you will enter after you graduate, you've found the right place.

Utah Bioneers - The annual Bioneers Conference is a source of practical solutions for restoring the environment and people.  It provides a network of visionary innovators who are working with nature to heal nature.

Green Clean at Utah State University – USU Facilities is committed to cleaning green using sustainable products and methods.

Utah Conservation Corps - The Utah Conservation Corps (UCC) is an AmeriCorps program dedicated to improving the quality of public lands and the communities surrounding them through partnership projects, service, and education. 

USU Employee Wellness Program
- USU offers an employee wellness program where their mission is to support and enhance the health and wellness of employees by building partnerships, programs, and policies for the USU community.

Local Programs: 

Logan City Environmental Department – The Logan City Environmental Department has been serving Cache County residents since 1971.  The department provides a variety of services for residents of Cache County which include:  Residential & commercial refuse collection, recycling services, green waste recycling services, landfill operations, household hazardous waste program, city forestry programs, wastewater treatment & wastewater pretreatment programs, mosquito abatement, and educational programs.  

Bridgerland Audubon Society - The Bridgerland Audubon Society (BAS) is a chapter of the National Audubon Society , whose mission is to conserve, enhance, and enjoy the natural environment with special emphasis on birds and their habitats for the benefit and education of humanity and for the biological diversity of the Earth.

Bear River Watershed Council – The Bear River Watershed Council is a volunteer group dedicated to protect, restore, and sustain the ecosystem health and the biological diversity of the conservation corridor of the Bear River watershed. 

Utah Recycling Coalition – Looking for a recycling center in Utah?  Visit the Utah Recycling Coalition for municipalities, businesses, institutions and individuals committed to improving recycling in Utah.

Utah Clean Air – Learn how to make better choices to help improve Utah’s air quality. 

Utah Clean Energy - Utah Clean Energy is a Utah-based 501c3 nonprofit organization working to advance energy efficiency and clean renewable energy technologies across the State. 

National Programs:

National Recycling Coalition – Join the National Recycling Coalition by taking a pledge to recycle on “America Recycle’s Day” on November 15th!

Campus Sustainability Day – Promoted by the Society for College and University Planning, the Campus Sustainability Day Campus Sustainability Day (CSD) celebrates sustainability in higher education.  On a designated day (month or week), usually in October, colleges and universities are encouraged to create events on campus and elsewhere that draw participants for the exchange of ideas and knowledge among faculty, staff, and students, from across all departments and disciplines, and in local communities.