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Marketing Work Group

Mission: Develop sustainability messages to reach USU community and increase participation and interaction in sustainability activities
and discussions

Alexi Lamm Sustainability Coordinator
Liz Kirkham SSO marketing specialist
Ed Stafford Professor of Marketing
Megan Wilson Student, Sustainability Council Intern


The Outreach Subcommittee is dedicated to:

  • Increasing Awareness: We strive to keep USU students, staff, and faculty informed on sustainability developments at USU, such as

    the President's Climate Commitment, the USU Sustainability Policy, and the USU carbon footprint.

  • Increasing Involvement: We support the grassroots effort of students, faculty, and staff who want to promote sustainability at USU. 

    Our goal is to organize programs and events to tap into the energy, talent and intellect of the university community to expand the vision

    of sustainability,and develop a culture of sustainability at USU.

  • Celebrate Successes: We tell the story of success in sustainability programs at USU with published materials, such as factoids in the

    student newspaper and with posters on the Aggie Shuttle and in key locations on campus.

Current projects

Website: The Outreach Committee is committed to maintaining the development, content, and updates of the USU Sustainability website. 
We intend to integrate a wiki site to encourage students to share ideas and connect with each other.

Blue Goes Green Signage: Twelve new signs went up on Logan campus in 2013 to indicate projects that benefit the environment as well
as providing other benefits to USU. In 2017, 21 signs inform people about infrastructure with environmental benefits.

Publicity events: We will maintain a presence at USU events, such as SOAR, Day on the Quad, Open Streets Festival, USU Wellness Expo, and Earth Day.

Take the Challenge: An ongoing challenge to students, faculty, and staff at USU to make changes in their personal lives to reduce the
carbon footprint of USU. 

“Blue goes Green” logo: Brand the USU Sustainability Council using the “Blue goes Green” logo.  This logo was developed as a universal
symbol of sustainability at USU. 

Handouts: We are work with “Connections” instructors and other campus programs to give out reusable beverage containers and/or shopping
bags featuring the ‘blue goes green” logo to reduce waste.

Future Projects: Improve the presence of sustainability in new student orientation. Partner with the USU Bookstore to provide reusable
shopping bags with book sales. Include USU Sustainability sites in campus tours.