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Energy & Built Environment Work Group

Mission: Create, maintain, and operate an environmentally responsible campus built environment that will minimize energy and
water consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote the development and use of renewable energy sources

Zac Cook Energy Manager
Ben Berrett Director of Planning, Design, & Construction
Jim Evans Professor of Structural Geology
Jordy Guth Architect and Planner
Shane Richards LOAM Foreman
Mark Holt Electrical Engineer
Jim Huppi Landscape Architect
Alexi Lamm Sustainability Coordinator
Lorin Mortensen Mechanical Engineer
Reid Olsen Central Energy Plant, Utilities & HVAC Manager 
Jamie Hart Water Quality Engineer

AggiEcology Report 

In 2003, USU began moving to implement sustainable actions through the AggiEcology report, which presents recommendations for
achieving a “green” university.

USU Facilities 

Facilities is USU’s leader in implementing sustainable water use and environmental stewardship. Click here to review their sustainable actions
and the USU Energy Conservation Plan.

Energy Conservation And Emissions Reduction Policy

To learn more about USU's energy policy, click here.