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Curriculum Work Group

Mission: Support the development of a sustainable university by promoting environmental literacy and enabling the University
community to ground decisions in Sustainability Principles. The Curriculum Work Group is charged with developing methods to
educate the campus and move Utah State towards sustainability by facilitating faculty and students in the development of
intellectual tools and practical skills to become caring and competent stewards of the planet, its people, and resources.

We are now collecting faculty sustainability resources. If you are willing to guest lecture, mentor, submit successful student projects, or
submit ideas for student projects, let us know here.

R. Ryan Dupont Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Stacy Bevan Clinical Professor of Dietetics
Steven Burr Professor of Environment and Society
Carsten Meier Assistant Professor, Photography
Robyn Ceurvost Professor of Environment and Society
Lawrence Culver Professor of History
Jim Evans Professor of Structural Geology
Nat Frazer Professor of Environment and Society
Lawrence Hipps Professor of Climatology
Nancy Huntly Director of Ecology Center and Professor of Biology
Alexi Lamm Sustainability Coordinator
Carlos Licon Professor of LAEP
Richard Mueller Associate Professor & Associate Dean, College of Science
Gerald Smith HPER
Ed Stafford Professor of Marketing