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Take the challenge

Pledge to reduce your impact & make USU more sustainable.

 # USU students, staff, and faculty who committed: 405

What you can do to make a difference:

Action: Walk, bike, carpool or take transit.
Action: Drive a fuel-efficient vehicle.
Action: Shrink the travel distances in your daily life – live near work or school.
Action: Teleconference instead of driving (or flying) to your meetings and conferences.
Action: Keep your tires inflated to save gas.
Action: Plant native trees and perennials.
Action: Recycle and used recycled products.
Action: Eat meat-free meals one day a week.
Action: Drink local water. It is fresh, pure, and delicious! 
Action: Eat locally produced foods whenever possible.
Action: Replace chemical pesticides on your lawn, garden & houseplants with non-toxic alternatives.
Action: Use environmentally friendly products or make your own cleaners.
Action: Buy less and use less STUFF! 
Action: Purchase clothes and household items at second hand stores.
Action: Reduce home heating and electricity use by 10 percent, by committing to any of the following:

-Check walls, doors and windows for drafts and seal ‘em up – up to 40 per cent of heat loss is from these areas.

-Turn down the thermostat.

-Buy renewable energy.

-Insulate everywhere – the roof, floors, walls, basements. It’ll keep you cool in the summer and toastier in the cold seasons.

-Any electronic gizmo that has a clock, digital timer, remote control or standby mode is sucking energy when it’s not being used. If you’re not using ‘em, yank ‘em!

-Set up a ‘charging station’ for equipment that needs charging – plug everything into a power bar and turn that off until you actually need to charge something.

-Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) or light emitting diodes (LEDs). They’re more efficient than conventional bulbs.

-If you’re buying a home, be sure it meets R-2000 standards. It will use two-thirds of the energy of a conventional home.

-Choose Energy Star appliances. They’re  efficient and save money on utilities. Tell sales staff you are looking for energy efficiency. The more people demand, the more pressure there is for companies to supply.

-Buy less. Home energy use is increasing because we keep loading up on more electrical devices, even if they are more efficient.

-Go for a walk instead of watching TV or booting up your computer. It’ll do you and the whole planet a lot of good.

Action: Stay informed on the issues.
Action: Tell the local media that sustainable issues are important to you.
Let political representatives know where you stand.
Action: Create change in your community. Start a movement. It’ll be good for you, your family, your neighbors and the whole planet.

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