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Looking For Ideas?

We've got you covered. In the past, folks in the sustainability community have had great ideas but couldn't afford the time to see them to their final stages. The following are grant project ideas that have not yet had the chance to come to life, but you could be the one to implement them at last!

If you have any suggestions for more ideas, please email or 

Grant Idea:


Additional Info:

Improving Recycling In Athletics

The stadium and Spectrum have recycle bins, but overall the collection of recyclables is low in the these venues. Better signs and educational materials could encourage attendees to use the existing bins properly.

Alexi Lamm,

Big Belly Trash / Recycle Pilot

Big Belly / Smart Belly Systems are solar compactors for waste. The also inform management when they are full, reducing fuel required to check empty/partially empty bins.

Water Bottle Pledge at Water Fountains

Give students the opportunity to get a free water bottle by signing a Utah State Sustainability pledge.

Contact the SSO for more information.

Water Bottle Refilling Stations

Water bottle filling stations make it easier to reuse a bottle. Do you need one in your building?

Alexi Lamm,

Covered Bus Shelters With Solar Lights

Address safety, lighting, and weather protection with solar bus shelters! The panels power lighting and could also power an LED arrival time display and a push button loud speaker for students with visual disabilities.

Contact the SSO for more information

USU Permaculture / Edible Campus Garden

This program is always developing new project ideas that require materials, plants, structures, pathways, and benches.

Dr. Roslynn Brain,

Solar Sm

Allows students to rechard their laptops, smart phones, and other portable electronic devices while on-the-go with 100% reneweable solar energy. These outdoor work and study stations could be located on the TSC patio, Library patio, etc. 

Lecture & Discussion Series

Engage students and faculty in dialogue on issues related to sustainability. Bring in speakers or host a film. Provide soup mad with local veggies from the edible campus garden or student organic farm.

Elizabeth Winters,

Bike Lockers

Bike lockers encourage cycling as a means of transportation by providing storace and protection from theft and inclement weather. 

    Aggie Blue Bikes,

Student Organic Farm Small Building

The USU student organic farm needs a sustainable design plan, materials and labor to construct a small building that would have a storage shed, bathroom, and outdoor classroom space.

Jennifer Reeve,

Student Organic Farm Hoop House

Enable the student organic farm to grow more food in the cooler months with an additional hoop house greenhouse.

Jennifer Reeve, 

Compost Mill

A grant helped USU purchase a composter for pre-consumer food waste. The next step is to grind that compost to replace synthetic fertilizers on campus. For this, landscape operations needs your help to purchase a mill. Help USU get closer to organic.

Alexi Lamm,

Compost / Collection by Bike

Pick up compost from the dorms and deliver it to the permaculture/ edible campus garden. This human powered hauler could serve a number of other campus needs as well. 

Student Organic Farm Kids Campus

Attract local kids to  the USU student organic farm with a series of week-long summer camps. USU students can develop lesson plans and conduct outreach.

Jennifer Reeve, 

Zimride Rideshare Program

Provide matching funds for Zimride annual subscription and develop marketing materials to promote the program during Welcome Week, SOAR, etc

Alexi Lamm,

Campus Electric Vehicle Chargers

Provide places for commuter students (and student parents!) to charge their vehicles on campus. 

Kate Stephens,

Instructional Videos

On Composting & Recycling for the screens and perhaps CVTD buses. Also could include a "Green Tip of the Week". 

Kate Stephens,

Purple Air Sensors

Cupanion (APP)

Green Walls 

To be installed at various locations around campus - enables students to engage in Citizen Science (air oring).

Cupanion is more than a reusable product company. We combine technology with sustainability to inspire the world to reuse. Our app bridges the gap between information and reality to help you understand your environmental footprint. By tracking your reuse, you can engage with your footprint and see the impact of your good habits.

A green wall is comprised of plants grown in supported vertical systems that are generally attached to an internal or external wall, although in some cases can be freestanding. 

 Randy Martin (CEE) 

Alexi Lamm,

Alexi Lamm,